The 13 Benefits of Hiring a Permit Expediter

The 13 Benefits of Hiring a Permit Expediter | Permit Resources

Whatever your situation or project—be it a home renovation, starting your own business, or trying to build a new structure—there are many benefits to hiring a permit expediter for your building and construction endeavors.

Did you also know that over 98% of all privately owned spaces are constructed in areas mandating a permit? We know this process can be daunting, which is why we’ll explain here to you the importance of having a permit expediter, what it is they do exactly, and the benefits that hiring one can bring to your project.

What is a permit expediter and why do you need one?

A permit expediter is either a single consultant or an experienced firm that both handles all of the paperwork gathering for necessary building permits and quickens or “expedites” that process. This person or entity will typically know all of the permit-issuing bodies and know many people in the industry so that they can use those connections to make to permit issuance process much faster for the client that needs it.

The primary goal of any permit expediter is to take over the process of obtaining permits so that the client can shift focus on their day-to-day job of running a business or getting a house building project set up. Permit expediters do the following:

  • Make sure all the right forms are collected and submitted
  • The correct information is provided
  • Look for any mistakes or omissions and ensure they are corrected before submittal
  • Monitor the process until the proper permits have been granted
  • Take time to understand all of the local zoning and coding laws for different types of renovation and construction
  • Compile data and handle the paperwork

Especially for large-scale construction projects, a permit expediter is a highly valuable investment. We’ll go over the reasons why in the next section.

The benefits of hiring a permit expediter

Permit expediters are valuable to any building project because they save you loads of time and also permit processing headaches! Since permit expediters have inside access to the permitting process and the people who grant permits, their expertise can make your building project go much faster and smoother. Here are more details about the benefits of hiring a permit expediter:

They have unique expertise

Hiring a permit expediter is like having a “man in the inside” because they tend to know the lay of the land when it comes to permitting granting authorities and regulations. They usually know the local areas and laws like the back of their hand and can help you get your permit in a timely manner as a result.

They do a lot of the “grunt” work for you

Making checklists, handling paperwork, filing permits, researching laws and regulations, and collecting data are all that a permit expediter does best. It saves you from having to do a lot of tedious work that comes with applying for permits. Most of the time they’ll even meet with city officials on your behalf to keep the process in motion.

Specialized local knowledge

Permit expediters take the time to understand the local laws and building codes so that they can be as educated as possible in the permit-issuing process. This means they can get in touch with the right people, advise their clients properly, and get approval as quickly as possible.

Shorter waiting periods

Given that permit expediters make the permitting process faster, this means you will get your permit with the shortest possible turnaround time. This means you can begin on your construction project sooner than if you had applied for the permits on your own. If you’re starting a business, this could mean you could begin making money sooner!

They ensure you follow laws and ordinances

Because permit expediters know the ins and outs of local building laws, they understand where there may be challenged that you couldn’t have foreseen and prepared for on your own. You always want to ensure your building project remains within legal limits, and a permit expediter takes responsibility for that. They will even ensure code compliance for new and unique types of design.

Handle project management

Permit expediters oversee the permit expediting process from end-to-end. This helps take a load off of your shoulders logistically speaking so you have one less big project to manage.

Determine building departments for you

With all the permits you will need for your building project, it can be hard to know the difference between different departments and permit issuing authorities. A permit expediter can decipher which department is meant to handle specific permit types so you don’t have to spend hours figuring it out on your own.

They do the research for you

For more complex projects a lot of research will be required pertaining to legal implications, licensing, and permits for construction. A permit expediter also handles all of this for you since they know the industry really well, which again means more time saved for you.

They can get things notarized

Some local authorities may require that your documents be notarized before proceeding forward with granting any building permits. A permit expediter can consolidate this and ensure permits are signed, documents are notarized and get the process completed faster.

They monitor changes and reviews

A big roadblock during the permit process is when there is a revision of designs. Luckily, a permit expediter can quickly identify the logistics involved in reviews and changes and resubmit forms accordingly. This helps ensure the timely completion of projects that stay within budget.

They understand costs associated with building projects

Not only will permit expediter’s take care of all of the above, but they’re also be able to understand client budgets and help decide materials that should be used within code compliance regulation.

Streamlined communication

When you involve a permit expediter in your building project from day one, you get the benefit of clear communication going from the design and construction teams to the local building departments.

Sidestep legal problems

With the complicated nature of building permits, a well-intentioned builder or business owner can easily step into legal mishaps and errors—especially if they are unfamiliar with the legal requirements of a specific area, county, or town. You can trust full compliance and legal safety when using a permit expediter. Not to mention, avoiding costly fines and penalties!


The permitting process doesn’t have to be a headache, and in fact, hiring a permit expediter can make the whole undertaking much more streamlined. What’s more, you’re saved hours of valuable time that you can use toward your home project or building a business.

If you’re ready to reap the benefits of having a trusted permit expediter with years of experience in all kinds of building projects, contact us today!

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