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What sets-us apart from other Expediting Company’s

Permit Resources is a small, but loaded, Permit Expediting Company that has been in business for over 25 years and are truly experts in obtaining all of your governmental approvals from small to large scale projects. We are well known within our industry and were one of the first “full service” Permitting firms before Permit Expeditors was even considered an occupation. We are listed on many jurisdictions Expeditors lists; built our business by “referral only” and have a sterling reputation throughout southern California and the five states we service. This is testament that we must be doing something right to still be in business after 25 years!

There has been a tremendous amount of changes in our industry in the last 10 to 15 years. Some for the better (electronic filings) and some not. Tougher codes, additional red tape, longer timelines, etc. Not to mention, new firms that employee “paper pushers” instead of well-educated and highly experienced consultant’s that know who to call and get the job done!

Retail: Tenant Improvements, Remodels, Relocations

When it comes to retail Tenant Improvement’s, remodel s and expansions, PRI has you covered. PRI, started in retail and our first client was The Limited, Inc. Now LBrands. From that major platform word got out and PRI became the firm to use. Since then, our client list has grown exponentially.

Once an Assignment is received, we quickly assess the needed sign-offs and reviews and start the application process. Below is a simpled version of some of the many steps involved in a project:

Since PRI specializes in serving five states, vs. all fifty states, we can really “grind” down and pay extra attention to each project and client. We specialize in performance, not size. Big is necessarily better. Results are.

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