Expediting Commercial Building Permits

Permit Resources, Inc. helps clients with commercial building permits. We’re quite proud of the number of first-rate commercial accounts we’ve served over the years. We’re also quite proud of the fact that the majority of these accounts have come back to us time and again. We also have developed terrific friendships with many of the folks at these companies, so having them on our site is our way of saying hello. Contact us today for more information or to request a free quote.

Dedicated to Detail

There are some excellent reasons for our ongoing repeat activity with many national retail clients and architectural firms, not the least of which is our dedication to detail. We have a 23 point quality control checklist that separates us from other commercial planning companies.

Each project brought forward for approval conforms to current codes and is ready to move ahead. The result is cost-effectiveness for you, our client.

Throughout the years, many of our commercial planning projects were approved on initial review or “approved as noted.” Rarely do we encounter repeated rechecks on any assignment. Our goal is to get it right on the first review to reduce any “go-backs.” Naturally, our attention to detail and rapport with key departmental officials has been instrumental in our success throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington state.



PRI has also attracted a wide range of restaurant clients in recent years. This list is representative of completed restaurant projects. We have limited our work in the restaurant field to Southern California, largely because of the many agencies involved in entitlement. Commercial planning and design review boards, public works, health departments, and industrial waste agencies are often involved.

As one client recently noted, there’s nothing fast about fast food when it comes to opening a new restaurant. We’ve become quite adept, while processing a project, at addressing and mitigating potential food service problems encountered in these types of assignments, such as traffic concerns, neighborhood meetings and protests, exterior design acceptance, parking, and handicapped accessibility. As word of our quality work in the restaurant industry spread, we’ve attracted a range of new projects. They include:

Successful Openings

All of these restaurants got building permits and were completed within the timeframe required and went off without a hitch. Potential clients wishing to contact the restaurant developers or architects involved in these projects can email us here at PRI.


Here at Permit Resources we strive and continue to achieve, maintain and expand our Steller client base by consistently “under promising and over delivering”. Testimonial after testimonial, PRI still does what it does best after 25 years of processing. We have weathered down markets, up markets, and still, continue to shine. Just ask some our Retail, Business, Hospitality, Fitness and Developers that can attest to this.




We pride ourselves on setting new standards, and this philosophy extends to our commercial work.