Setting New Standards in Building Project Management

Choose Permit Resources, Inc. for project management services. Our attention to detail may seem obsessive, but we can’t think of a single time city hall has caught us unprepared. We thoroughly evaluate each project and research past work from the same client to eliminate any potential problems. Contact us today.

Quality Service

Our success is the result of a variety of factors, including a hardworking and dedicated staff, a whatever-it-takes approach to completing each project and an old-fashioned belief in reliability. The ultimate key to our success lies in our commitment to being one of the industry’s best full-service processing companies. Many firms claim to offer a complete array of services, but few provide the caliber of service you’ll receive from PRI.

As a small, tight-knit company providing project management services, we don’t have many opportunities to use marketing slogans. The truth is we’re not a slogan-using type of company. But we have adopted one slogan because we believe it sums up what’s at the heart of our work. Our tagline is “Setting New Standards,” because quite simply, we think we have.

When we started this business in 1985, we researched a number of the top companies providing building permit services and were amazed at the lack of professionalism and efficiency we found in many of them. So we did indeed set new standards. As our clients (from Abercrombie to Z Gallerie) will attest, we do things differently at PRI. We do them right!

We pride ourselves on setting new standards, and this philosophy extends to all of our clients.