How Much Does a Building Permit Cost?

In most building instances, whether you’re trying to renovate a home, build something from the ground up, or erecting a shed, you will need a building permit. A building permit is a government-issued approval that most projects will need before any work can begin.

So how much does a building permit cost? Building permits are typically handled by local government agencies. Thus, each locality sets their own price point.

Learn more about the types of projects that require a building permit.

The average costs of a building permit

When trying to determine how much does a building permit cost, the range is very wide. It depends on your locality, your state, and the type of building project you’re working on. According to Angie’s list, an ‘average’ building permit range is $441 – $2,001. However, say, in a small town that cost could be as low as $100 and in a big city as high as $7,500. The key point to note here is the cost varies widely, especially when you look at the location.

Location is a big factor

Where your building project is located will factor heavily into the cost of obtaining a building permit. Let’s look at some of the cost factors to consider in various cities across the U.S.:

How much do building permits cost in California?

Different cities and counties within California may have variations in building permit costs. Let’s take a look at Los Angeles. You can try the LACBS free permit calculator here. You can also look at their fee schedules available online. The calculator lets you estimate fees for things like:

  • Building
  • Electrical
  • Fire
  • Grading
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Sign permits

How much do building permits cost in Arizona?

For Arizona, we can use the city of Phoenix as an example. Here, building permits are required for almost all non-residential construction, new homes, remodels/additions to existing buildings and homes as well as some temporary events. Their fee schedules are here. You can find more information regarding building with the links:

How much do building permits cost in Washington State?

Seattle is a good example city to use in this instance. For permits, they have a fee estimator worksheet. In Seattle, the cost of building permits depends on multiple factors:

  • The size and complexity of the project
  • The type of work being done for the project
  • Any additional permits (non-building required) for the project
  • Inspection fees

How much do building permits cost in Oregon?

How fees work in Portland is there are two types. There are land-use fees and there are building permit fees. Both are charged by the Bureau of Labor Development Services. They have an online fee estimator here, which includes the following building fees:

  • Residential and commercial building fees
  • Review fees associated with the building permit
  • System Development Charges (CDCs)
  • Trade permit fees i.e. electrical, mechanical, and plumbing

Also, know that there are “plan check” fees and “final fees.” Plan check fees are charges when your plans are accepted and final fees are determined once the permit(s) are issued.

Why it’s worth hiring an expediter

Now you know the answer to how much does a building permit cost. It’s a good idea to consider getting help with expediting your building permits.

There are several benefits to hiring a permit expediter, many of which we’ve highlighted here. Enlisting the help of an expediter with your building project can save you a lot of time and headaches when it comes to permits. At Permit Resources, we know the roads of obtaining permits well and are ready to put our expertise to work in helping our customers. You can contact us here to see how we can help you!

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