Expediting Residential Building Permits

Let Permit Resources, Inc. get you a residential construction permit. Permit Resources, Inc. has completed many significant residential projects, for both property owners and architects. We bring the same high standards that we use in our commercial work, to our residential accounts.

Committed to Quality

Residential building projects often involve many entities and agencies. PRI limits its handling of these assignments to Southern California. Typically, a project can require the California Coastal Commission and municipal agencies, particularly in hillside areas. Geotechnical research and submittals, residential planning, and zoning clearances are also included in the necessary work. Sometimes public notification and special presentations, along with the usual city or county clearances are part of the process.

We’ve worked hard to develop close friendships with many of the folks at the involved agencies. Consequently, we use our hard-won relationships with agencies throughout Southern California only for residential projects that hire us to do all the processing, from concept to execution.

We pride ourselves on setting new standards, and this philosophy extends to our residential work.