We all know how difficult securing permits for large commercial and residential projects can be. In an industry ruled by deadlines, delays in the permitting process can stall any project, no matter how well planned. In 1985, Permit Resources Inc. was created with the mission of providing an effective, efficient and seamless means of obtaining project approvals from various divisions of governmental agencies throughout California, Arizona and Nevada. Since then, PRI has steadily grown, and currently services a wide range of national corporate accounts, residential accounts, and major architectural firms.

Of course, the success
PRI has enjoyed is the result of a variety of factors—a hard-working and dedicated staff, a whatever-it-takes approach to completing each project, an old-fashioned belief in reliability. But ultimately the key to our success is our commitment to being one of the industry’s truly full service processing companies. Many processing companies claim to be full service, but few offer the caliber of service PRI does.