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When you are preparing to undertake a significant residential or commercial building project, you need permits. Call on Permit Resources Inc. to obtain your project approvals from various divisions of governmental agencies. We provide an effective, efficient, and seamless means of moving your work along on schedule.

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Call Permit Resources Inc. to obtain all
required permits for your building project.
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About Us

Permit Resources, Inc. is a consulting firm in Laguna Hills, California, specializing in the planning and permitting of residential and commercial construction. At PRI, we handle all aspects of an assignment beginning at the conception stage and continuing through detailed internal audits for code compliance. Ongoing negotiations with governmental officials ensure a smooth communication flow. Additionally, we thoroughly evaluate each assignment's specifics, researching past projects from the same client to uncover and eliminate any potential problems. You can rest assured that your project will be completed on time, avoiding unnecessary financial loss due to delayed openings.


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